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Victor Zenko

"The accent is Russian, but the show is out of this world!"
-The Oddfellow Theater

Victor Zenko is an international man of mystery who possesses charm, wit, poise and a somewhat murky past. He has transferred his incredible street skills as a card shark, pickpocket and master of escapes to the stage to create a new style of performance art. This show features mind blowing card manipulation, hilarious attempts at picking the pockets of audience members and daring and dramatic escapes. Zinczenko brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "catch me if you can", but as his thrilled audiences will tell you, it's all in fun.

He has intrigued and entertained audiences in Russia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada and the USA. When not performing in theaters and on board luxury cruise liners, Victor likes to visit his family in Bryansk, which is about 380 kilometers South-West of Moscow.

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