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Roderick Russell

"One of the world's most bizarre and unusual people."
-Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Easily the most hilarious type of entertainment you'll ever witness - or be a part of - the hypnosis stage show makes you and your friends the stars of the show. By applying the solid medical principles of clinical hypnosis to the realm of entertainment, Roderick Russell guides you on a mental journey unlike any other where you'll actually get to act out the most hilarious scenarios - from meeting movie stars to forgetting your name and losing body parts - believing that it's real the entire time. If you're on stage it will be the most vivid experience of your life and will create stunning memories. If you're in the audience, your face will hurt from laughing so much!

One of only 50 living sword swallowers in the entire world, Roderick Russell has been described as strangely sophisticated, successfully blending suggestion and psychology with his own personal mind-over-body techniques to present a show that bravely pushes the limits of the possible - both physically and mentally.

Presenting the most dangerous and bizarre feats with wit, charm and style, Roderick also deftly navigates deep into the minds of the audience to create the most personal and profound type of theater experience. Call him a sword swallower. Call him a mentalist. ABC News calls him a "rare find."