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The Early Evening Show is the ultimate corporate event energy-boost! If you are tired of the same old awards night, annual meeting, employee appreciation event, or key-note presentation, then the Early Evening Show is exactly what you need. With it's blend of wild improvisations, comic sketches, upbeat music and spectacular finales, this hysterical late-night talk-show spoof provides the ultimate platform for your company to shine!

Every show is customized to meet your needs!

Imagine your CEO giving an annual assessment of the company, but this time he's being interviewed on stage by professional comedians, whose job is to not only make sure the information is clearly conveyed to the audience, but to also keep the audience having fun the whole time. In this format the CEO becomes the star of the show and your employees have been simultaneously enlightened and entertained.

Check out The Early Evening Show Website for more information.

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Jason Tardy : : 1-866-584-4532